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Finding healing through compassion fatigue

When I joined the nursing profession, I never imagined sharing my most vulnerable thoughts and emotions as a nurse and a human just a few years into my career, nor how the experiences ahead would change me. I graduated from nursing school in 2015, bright-eyed and 22 years old, ready to take on the known physical and mental fatigue ahead. I wasn’t prepared for how exhausting it is…more

nurse perception alarm fatigue ant

Nurse perception of alarm fatigue impacts compliance with alarm management

Education can help nursing staff gain control and improve patient safety.

A standardized unit-based education program increases nurse awareness of clinical alarm fatigue.
Nurses become desensitized to noise created by audible nonactionable alarms.

By Sharon H. Allan, DNP, ACNS-BC, CCRC

Someone with an outside perspective may be surprised by the noise and chaos of an intensive care unit (ICU), where alarms go off repeatedly. But nurses and…more

alarm fatigue

Conquering alarm fatigue

Follow these 10 steps to safer alarm management.

*By downloading this (product) you are opting in to receiving information from Healthcom Media and Affiliates. Or the details, including your email address/mobile number, may be used to keep you informed about future products and services…more

It’s alarming – Nurse Fatigue

Have you become desensitized to alarms?

I stepped onto an elevator with three other people, their eyes glued to their phones. Just as the doors were about to close, another passenger ran in behind me, causing a loud alarm to go off. What happened? Was there a problem I didn’t see, or did the doors malfunction? I glanced first at the elevator alarm panel with its flashing red light…more

Fighting the effects of nurse fatigue

Have you ever gotten home from a shift and forgotten the journey from the hospital to your house? Are you ever irritable and cranky, but can’t figure out why? Almost all of us have encountered these situations, often the effects of nurse fatigue, during our nursing careers.

What is nurse fatigue?
Nurse fatigue is described as feeling emotionally, mentally, or physically tired or weary as a result of the…more

compassion fatigue

Compassion fatigue: Are you at risk?

For many of us, nursing isn’t just what we do; it’s who we are. Most of us became nurses because we care about people and want to make a difference in their lives.

Over time, nurses develop a nursing intuition and a working knowledge of disease and trauma. Our intuition, knowledge, and caring don’t automatically shut off when we leave work. For example, have you ever seen…more

caring fatigue

Combating change fatigue in today’s healthcare environment

Those who work in the healthcare industry are well aware of its constantly changing landscape. Healthcare institutions are challenged to balance the provision of safe care with the allocation of essential resources. Changes in healthcare are aimed at increasing the efficiency and safety of care through best practices. Nurses, as the primary caregivers, are charged with implementing many new change initiatives into their daily practice. Institutions are poised to recognize…more

Our Readers Respond to “Do you hear what I hear? Combating alarm fatigue”

I wish to provide a different perspective on the article entitled “Do you hear what I hear? Combating alarm fatigue” written by Peggy A. Ensslin in volume 9, issue number 11. The author gives several suggestions to reduce alarm fatigue including putting a committee in place in healthcare facilities to examine alarm sounds and the frequency of each type of alarm. While I do agree that this is a major…more

Do you hear what I hear? Combating alarm fatigue

As you enter your unit to begin your shift, a cacophony of alarms from multiple devices greets you. The cacophony continues throughout your entire shift.

Various devices, including beds, infusion pumps, cardiac monitors, ventilators, mechanical vital-sign machines, sequential compression stockings, and many others, have audible alarms competing for caregivers’ attention. Unless managed properly, alarms meant to alert clinicians to problems that require action may put patients at risk.


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