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May 2019 Vol. 14 No. 5

We know what to do, but we don’t always do it.


WITH the launch of American Nurse Today’s new monthly section on infection prevention, I want to highlight the pivotal role nurses play in preventing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). A recent report in Infection Control & Hospital . . .

April 2019 Vol. 14 No. 4

Staying emotionally healthy is important to personal and patient safety.

Burnout affects more than half of nurses, physicians, and other healthcare providers. 
To reduce risks of burnout, the National Academy of Medicine launched the Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience. 
Clinician health requires breaking down the stigma . . .

March 2019 Vol. 14 No. 3

You wash your hands…maybe you should clean your phone
PATIENT SAFETY AWARENESS WEEK is March 10-16, 2019. Are you aware of these facts?

Preventable medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for over 251,000 lives lost annually.
Healthcare-acquired infections . . .

February 2019 Vol. 14 No. 2

Defining the value of nursing
AS PART OF OUR NURSING PRACTICE, we engage in critical thinking, prioritize patient needs, communicate with other members of the interprofessional healthcare team, and coordinate and document patient care. All of this day-to-day activity to keep patients safe may be invisible to patients . . .

January 2019 Vol. 14 No. 1

New look for American Nurse Today, new ANA leadership
ANOTHER YEAR has gone by, and new excitement is afoot. From new section titles in American Nurse Today to new American Nurses Association (ANA) leadership, 2019 brings changes that reflect nurses’ needs.
New look: American Nurse Today
The Mind/Body/Spirit . . .

December 2018 Vol. 13 No. 12

What nurses can learn from the uniforms and ceremonies of other healthcare professions.
“WHAT DOES AN RN LOOK LIKE?”When I was asked that question by a student, I didn’t immediately answer because describing an RN today in terms a nonclinician understands is difficult. I’ve talked about dress . . .

November 2018 Vol. 13 No. 11

Expressing gratitude is good for you.
AS I REFLECT on the Thanksgiving season, I think about how thankful I am for my many nursing colleagues and their constant contributions to outstanding nursing education and practice. I’m also thankful that I chose nursing as my profession more than 35 years . . .

October 2018 Vol. 13 No. 10

Effective listening can make you a better nurse.
WHAT DOES IT MEAN to be fully present when listening to someone or trying to observe his or her behavior? A student asked me that question, saying that listening and observing during an emergency is really tough, especially with all the activity . . .

September 2018 Vol. 13 No. 9

More research and awareness are needed.
The recent sudden deaths of fashion designer Kate Spade and TV host Anthony Bourdain have propelled the topic of suicide into the headlines. These two celebrities were well-known, seemingly happy people with wealth, popularity, and social status who often were seen in public . . .

August 2018 Vol. 13 No. 8

Reflections from a day on the hill.
On June 21, 2018, 277 nurses from 45 states unified their voices into one and “took the hill.” I was one of them. Ten of us practicing in Texas plus one student nurse formed the Texas Nurses Association delegation. We visited the offices . . .

July 2018 Vol. 13 No. 7

Nurses, providers, and pharmacists collaborate to improve patient safety.
By Lillee Gelinas, MSN, RN, CPPS, FAAN

Patient safety is critical to quality care. Since the publication of the Institute of Medicine’s landmark report, To Err is Human, 15 years ago, most patient safety efforts have concentrated on acute-care . . .

June 2018 Vol. 13 No. 6

It’s not okay, and it is a big deal.
By Lillee Gelinas, MSN, RN, CPPS, FAAN

“Personal boundary violation is not part of our job description. That statement is powerful because boundary setting is a part of our job. I believe that if we fail to establish and maintain . . .

May 2018 Vol. 13 No. 5

Successful change requires new skills and levels of understanding.
I recently spent an invigorating day with several nurses and clinical leaders from a diverse group of hospitals in the Los Angeles area who assembled at a roundtable called “Transforming Performance System Wide: Spark a Change Reaction.” Sharing similar challenges (such . . .

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