Inside ANA

December 2016 Vol. 11 No. 12

Author: Peter McMenamin, PhD

The 2016 edition of ANA’s Nurses by the Numbers™ is the first of a new series from the American Nurses Association (ANA) that pulls together data from federal sources with respect to RNs and APRNs. As it happens, many of the services provided by RNs and APRNs remain uncounted . . .

October 2016 Vol. 11 No. 10

Author: Ruth Francis, MPH, MCHES

The fall and winter seasons are filled with traditions associated with Back to School, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. Immunizations, for influenza in particular, should be included as a tradition.

As influenza season progresses, it’s important that all healthcare professionals, including RNs, are adequately protected so they . . .

August 2016 Vol. 11 No. 8

Author: Jane Clare (JC) Joyner, JD, MSN, RN

“Even in an age of hype, calling something ‘the blockbuster drug of the century’ grabs our attention. In this case, the ‘drug’ is actually a concept—patient activation and engagement—that should have formed the heart of health care all along.”
– Susan Dentzer

There is growing awareness that engaging patients . . .