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Brief overview of ANA political action committee

Why political advocacy? The American Nurses Association’s (ANA’s) ability to advance our legislative agenda at the Federal level depends on the successful coordination and implementation...

Care during crisis

ANA brings nurses, experts together to shape practice policy during disasters

Safe patient handling and movement in home healthcare settings

Home health settings present a challenging health care environment for home healthcare workers who perform patient movement and handling activities, such as lifting, transferring,...

Knowing “your numbers” counts: ANA campaign urges nurses to promote healthy blood pressure

ANA's healthy blood pressure campaign targets both consumers and nurses.

advocate nurse nursing democrat congress democratic friends

Nursing advocates key in democratic-led Congress. Friends of nursing to assume key roles in...

Nursing advocates key in democratic-led Congress. By Erin McKeon Although the 110th Congress hasn’t finalized its priorities, it seems that several healthcare issues will top the...

Precautionary approach guides ANA’s thimerosal policy

ANA's position statement on thimerosol-containing vaccines emphasizes a precautionary approach.

Searching for transparency at Guantanamo Bay

A tour of the detainee facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba leaves key questions unanswered.

Navigating the Kentucky River

The President addresses the personal impact of the "Kentucky River" decision by the National Labor Relations board.

Urban sprawl and the built environment

Environmental health is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Today, features of the built environment, such as architecture and urban planning, are considered...

Flawed Ruling

ANA, nurses work to limit impact of Nationl Labor Relations Board decision on charge nurses.

CMA Lobbyists plan to protect nurses, patients, and public from harmful chemicals.

By Angela Song As the new U.S. Congress convenes this January, the ANA will present our legislative agenda with a noted advantage. Through the combined...

Election Day 2006: It’s nurses’ time to be heard!

Make your voice heard on election day.

Update on Medicare Part D prescription drug program

Medicare's prescription drug program recuperates from its rocky debut; ANA endorses the Medicare Quality Enhancement Act.