Palliative Care

March 2014 Vol. 9 No. 3

Author: Cathy Catrambone, PhD, RN, FAAN; and Rachel Start, MSN, RN

The second annual International Home Care Nurses Organization Conference, Sept. 23-26 in Singapore, has released a call for abstracts. Deadline is April 1. Read more . . .

November 2012 Vol.7 No. 11

Author: Stephanie Barker, BSN, RN

A drug addict goes to a respite-care facility to die after finding treatment for kidney disease too difficult.

July 2012 Vol. 7 No. 7

Author: Yvonne D’Arcy, MS, CRNP, CNS

For patients nearing death, palliative care can enhance quality of life by easing pain and other symptoms, improving sleep, and reducing fatigue. Managing end-of-life symptoms

February 2012 Vol. 7 No. 2

Author: Ellen Shoun, BSN, RN

The Joint Commission has awarded its new Advanced Certification for Palliative Care to five hospitals: Regions Hospital, St. Paul, Minn.; Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, N.Y.; Mt. Sinai Medical Center, New York City; St. Joseph Mercy Oakland, Pontiac, Mich.; and Connecticut Hospice, Inc., Branford. Read more . . .

June 2011 Vol. 6 No. 6

Author: Sean Pieszak

Editor’s note: One of a series of articles on managing cancer-related symptoms from the Oncology Nursing Society.

Dyspnea is “a subjective experience of breathing discomfort that consists of qualitatively distinct sensations that vary in intensity” (American Thoracic Society, 1999, p. 322). The causes of dyspnea are multiple, encompassing . . .

October 2010 Vol. 5 No. 10

Author: Lucia D. Wocial, PhD, RN, and Marion E. Broome PhD, RN, FAAN

B is a 12 year old boy who suffers from cardiomyopathy following an acute viral illness. His condition is stable, but without a heart transplant, doctors believe he will not survive more than six months. B and his parents have decided to forgo the transplant option. They understand that B . . .

April 2009 Vol. 4 No. 4

Author: Judy Lentz, MSN, RN, NHA

What nurses don’t know about hospice and palliative care can hurt the patient and family.

March 2008 Vol. 3 Num. 3

Author: Rosanne Mattiace, MSN, RN, CCRN

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