Social Media

Social Media

Social media can be used in so many ways…to share ideas, build your professional network, stay in touch with family and friends. But you need to know the rules of social media so you don’t make a mistake that lives forever in the Internet. Learn how to use the technology wisely to benefit yourself and patient care.

  • Building moral resilience to neutralize moral distress

    Moral distress occurs when one recognizes one’s moral responsibility in a situation; evaluates the various courses of action; and identifies, in accordance with one’s beliefs, the morally correct decision—but is then prevented from following through. The literature is replete with the mounting evidence of the incidence and sources of moral distress. Read more…

  • Day in the Life: Live tweets as a professional tool

    TweetNurses around the world can connect and communicate with each other in more ways than ever before by using social media. Social media is well suited for nursing use because it is a tool for disseminating evidence-based information to colleagues and the general public, and for advocating for the profession. Of course, caution is needed. Nurses must use social media in a way that is consistent with professional codes of ethics and standards to avoid legal pitfalls. We refer readers to our list of references for articles and resources that address these issues. Read more…

  • What to do when someone pushes your buttons

    Really is it that some things don’t bother us, while other things catapult us from an emotional 0 to 60 mph in a heartbeat? We all know what it feels like when someone says or does something that gets our juices flowing. We feel it in our bodies, emotions, and mood. We have an overwhelming urge to react. We may express it in words at the time or take our frustrations out later on someone else. It just doesn’t feel good. We want to explode, set the record straight. Read more…

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