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Which of the following patient assessment findings are consistent with the diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer’s disease?

a. The patient has multiple cognitive impairments, including memory impairment and aphasia.

b. The patient’s cognitive decline is rapid and has a significant impact on social functioning.

c. The patient is experiencing agnosia only.

d. Psychological causes for the patient’s cognitive decline have not been ruled out.

Correct answer: a. Diagnostic criteria for AD include multiple cognitive impairments, such as memory impairment, plus at least one of the following: aphasia (impaired ability to speak or to understand spoken or written language), apraxia (impaired ability to perform purposeful acts or to manipulate objects), agnosia (impaired ability to recognize familiar objects or persons through sensory stimuli), or disturbances in executive functioning (planning, organizing, abstract thought, and sequencing).

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  1. Margaret Hiett Williams says:

    One thing we should encourage our families to do is to keep a dated diary with sumptoms. They think they will never forget the day mother entered the living room with her slip on over her suit. Documentations really helps clinicians .

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