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Safety Quiz

Take this quiz to test your safety knowledge.

1. An assailant points a gun at you and tells you to get in his car. What’s your best option?

  1. Call 911
  2. Get into his car quietly and stay calm.
  3. Run.

2. A patient’s son has been complaining about his father’s care on your unit, and he is becoming increasingly demanding and unreasonable. Even though you quietly reassure him that his father’s well-being is important to you, his body language grows more aggressive. Your best option is to:

  1. sit down next to him and gently take his hand
  2. stand erect and maintain eye contact
  3. position yourself so you’re closest to the door

3. A confident stride in a potential victim scares most would-be assailants. True or false?


1. Correct answer: c. Many people fear being shot if they run from someone threatening them with a gun. But the likelihood of an attacker shooting is slim because he knows it will draw attention. What if he does shoot? Law enforcement experts estimate only 4 of 100 shots would hit the intended victim. And even if a bullet hits you, chances are it won’t hit a vital organ. Bottom line—at all costs, avoid being transported to a secondary crime scene.

2. Correct answers: b and c. Maintain a confident posture that doesn’t indicate fear or submission, and don’t allow your exit to be blocked. Don’t sit down; that puts you in a position of submission and vulnerability.

3. False. Although a confident stride is a deterrent, the only thing most assailants fear is getting caught. Gear your actions toward drawing as much attention to your dilemma as possible.

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